The 4GreenPs Approach:
Product. Price. Place. Promotion.
With a Green Twist


Strategic Marketing for Sustainable Brands™

If you’ve ever taken a Marketing 101 course, you may remember being introduced to the Four Ps of Marketing – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Also known as the Marketing Mix, they’re the key elements a marketer is supposed to consider when launching a product or service.

Unfortunately, many marketers think only of the last P – Promotion. That’s where the fun, the buzz, and the PR comes in. But if you haven’t thought through Product, Price and Place (as well as your competition, your target market size, and your customer care-abouts), you’ll just be wasting your time and money on Promotion.

That’s why we’re the 4GreenPs. First, we think Strategically. Then we think about Sustainability. Only then do we focus on the last P – Promotion.

Our highly analytical, measured approach to marketing sets us apart from flashier firms that may recommend a lot of “buzz.”

What’s the point of buzz if it doesn’t build your business?

That said, we sure know how to create buzz when we want to.

Lynn Anne Miller (center) of 4GreenPs, holding the Shorty Award for Best Green Content on Twitter.

Our Values: Client Relationships and The Triple Bottom Line

At the heart of every client engagement is our passionate belief in:

  • Customer Relationships: The Customer is King (or Queen)
  • The Triple Bottom Line:  Corporate Social Responsibility

1. Customer is King (or Queen)

We love our clients. Really, really love them.

Having worked on the corporate side for years, our President had her fill of consultants and agency-types with more attitude than smarts or a sense of good old-fashioned customer service. We believe in serving the client first, and building a relationship that functions like a team. We think you’ll see that core value come through loud and clear as you read through our many client testimonials. We play nicely with others. Sounds like a minor thing, but it’s not something to be taken for granted.

“We cannot thank you enough…”

Bernie Prince, Co-Founder, FRESHFARM Markets

2.People, Planet, Profit: Corporate Social Responsibility

The common thread through all of our client engagements is that we help:

  • Reach more people with sustainable products, services, and causes;
  • Figure out how to make a business as sustainable as it can be and then assess how best to communicate CSR initiatives externally, if at all. (Yes, you read that right…if at all).

“Lynn is passionate about ‘green’ and helps bring it to the mainstream through social media and other innovative media. She is a force to be reckoned with in the sustainability field.”

Dave Feldman, Executive Director, Bethesda Green and CEO, Livability Project