We Know Bloggers Because We Blog

Not just one blog, but two of our own, plus contributions to The Washington Post and other top blogs.


The 4GreenPs blog explores the intersection of sustainability and marketing. We’ll explore the application of traditional marketing best practices to the world of green marketing, sustainability communications, and corporate social responsibility. Oh, our blogging will probably wander into other areas too, but that’s the charm of a blog, isn’t it?

Launched in October, 2007, OrganicMania began as an attempt to sort out when it made sense to go green and organic. After about a year or so, the answer was clear: whenever you can! (Just beware of the greenwashers!)

OrganicMania is a labor of love. It’s Lynn Miller’s personal blog, a blend of green activism and the tears and triumphs of trying to Raise Green Kids Without Going Crazy!(TM)

Now considered one of the 50 most influential “Mom Blogs” by Nielsen Media Research, OrganicMania is also where you can find the latest on The Green Moms Carnival, a group of top green women bloggers Lynn brought together to highlight mothers’ deep contributions to the environmental movement.

Our Twitter feed, @GreenMoms, was honored with the first Shorty Award for Best Green Content on Twitter (kind of like the Oscars of Twitter, or so The New York Times claimed). We were also named one of the top 10 Moms Groups Online by Groupable (the only “green” group included in the list).